The Gentle Art of Transformation

This bespoke coaching programme is designed specifically for people who want to go deeper into their personal journey of self-awareness and self-mastery.

This personalised programme is held over 6 weeks and teaches you how to tune into your inner wisdom and harness the power of your thoughts and emotions and develop a powerful heart mind connection.

Each session is 1 hour long per week.  I use a blend of all my sessions, depending on your goals and personalied programme to create dynamic and long lasting change.

Week One

Clarify your vision: Introductions and intention setting

Week Two

Soul Contract Reading: Discover your Life Purpose

Week Three / Half Way

Human Design Reading: Discover your unique strategy & design

Week Four

Integration: Creative visualisation, integration and self healing

Week Five

Areas of focus: Identify blockages and explore and clear limiting beliefs

Week Six / Final Week

Reflect on your journey: Focus on strategies to support future growth

Before starting on my transformational coaching journey, I was feeling out of my depth, unsure of myself and where I fitted.  I struggled with my confidence which prevents me from speaking out in order to avoid upsetting others, being perceived as weak or difficult.

I found the sound vibrations of my name an interesting way to witness how I’ve changed as a result of my married name.  I naively viewed this as a fresh start and an opportunity to be a better version of me at the time, however following Liza’s analysis and my own reflections I noticed the achievements that I have had in reality since this point.  Liza has an effortless way of articulating a feeling or concept and in doing so uncovering its effect on the individual.  Supporting this with belief work has been beneficial as the things that would affect my confidence are identified and acknowledged as unhelpful and therefore cease to have an impact.

The soul map gives a balanced view of the inner individual, communicating the positive parts of my personality along with the challenges and fears that I have internally.  This linked well with the human design which helps to navigate these traits – I learnt about my protectiveness, the type of decision maker I am, my abilities and why I should have more confidence.  I am learning to unpick challenging situations and recognise how to respond, which creates a more comfortable feeling internally and helps with improving my confidence levels.

I’ve gained a lot from the sessions; they have provided me with a focus and enabled me to develop my own strategies in a safe, enjoyable, holistic space.

Rachel Cook

IT Project Manager, South Wales

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The Gentle Art of Transformation

A six week personalised 1:1 Inner mastery  programme, tailored to each person’s needs and conducted over Zoom, Signal or Telegram.  Please contact me via the contact form to discuss your goals.  Once a provisional booking reference has been sent to you, you will be asked to make payment via this page to confirm your booking and begin the programme. The price includes preparation of your charts, coaching notes and a recording of each session.


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