Spiritual Guidance

This session supports you when you need guidance that goes beyond the mind and the ego.  When you are doubting your own intuition and are seeking clarity, insight and empowerment.

This unique and transformational session recognises that our spirit is part of our human potential.  I use a combination of meditation, guided imagery, chakra work and belief work to help shift any limitations held within the subconscious mind and body.

This also helps with negative thought loops and patterns of behaviour as well as setting personal boundaries.



“Liza will meet you with an open heart and mind where you’re at, and mirror back the love and beauty and wisdom that is already within you.  She will sit with you in the dark and gently guide you through the storm.  All with a great sense of humour, a heartfelt warmth and deep compassion you only find with someone who’s had experience of the dark corners of life themselves.”

Cecilia Olsson


Spiritual Guidance

A 60 minute session beginning from the times offered in the calendar dates below.  All sessions are conducted over Zoom, Signal or Telegram.


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