This FREE workshop is held four times a year; on the Spring Equinox, the Summer Solstice, the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice.  It is an opportunity at the change of seasons to let go of the old and embody the energy of the new.

This creative and fun workshop is for adults and children; its for everyone!

It doesn’t matter how good you are at Art, what matters is that you show up and have some creative fun.  You can use paints or pencils, or you can turn to nature and use feathers, stones, leaves and twigs or whatever else you can find!

On a deeper level Soul Art is about reconnecting to nature and the seasons, embodying the energies of the new and awakening our intuitive wisdom.

Channelled drawing of Liza byAntonia Wibke Hedelmann

About the Workshop

This online workshop is aimed for adults and children who want to learn how to tune into the bodies wisdom through Art.

There are five steps in the Soul Art journey:

Step 1.  Intention – Every journey begins with a clear intention – What is your journey about?

Step 2.  Bodymap – Trace your body to create a framework for your Art.

Step 3.  Materials – Choose your materials to help you illustrate what your body wants to say.

Step 4.  Insight – What does your Art say about you and what you have discovered?

Step 5.  Action – Once you have received clear insight you must put this into action.

With your permission we would love to share your Art and what you have discovered on your journey, via our Soul Art Gallery and Instagram page.

It was such fun and I felt completely held and supported as I drew from the depths of my soul.  I was very pleased with my art and surprised how quickly the session went.

Suzan Joy Wells, Buckinghamshire

I was able to reconnect to the parts of myself that I had forgotten to pay attention too.  It was fun and deeply healing.  Thank you Liza.

Sandra Geddes, Buckinghamshire

My next workshop

19/06/21 (10am-1pm)








Our Sign up Page will appear two weeks before the Workshop, but if you wish to contact us in the mean time, please do get in touch.

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