By Design

An empowering tool for the new paradigm of parenting.

This is my signature session where I combine the powerful tools of Numerology (Soul Contracts) and Astrology (Human Design) to reveal your child’s unique purpose, talents and challenges.  As a parent the value of knowing this information about your child will bring you into alignment with their unique being.

Parenting by Design will give you a language with which you can better overcome challenges. Your relationship will improve and harmonise as you parent from a place of understanding.

The biggest gift we can give our children is the permission to be who they are.

This is a life mastery session and a game changer.  It gives you the spiritual map of your lives and the tools to navigate it.

“My daughter is naturally sensitive and anxious and she felt she was traumatised by formal education. She left university with a certificate but no purpose or passion for life. With just a few sessions with Liza she was able to identify what brings her joy and we now understand how to be with her in a way that holds a clear space for her to be the unique and beautiful person she is. As a family, we have more insight into how each of us ticks which makes for more understanding for one another and even more love. As a mother it has helped me to see that there are so many things that influence who our children become and a lot of it is not in our control or has anything to do with us. It has been a positive learning experience for all of us and my son is now having sessions with Liza too."

Eva Fernandes – UK

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Parenting by Design

A 60 min session conducted over Zoom, Signal or Telegram.  Please contact me via the contact form to book your appointment and discuss the preparation of your charts.  When a provisional booking reference has been sent, you will be asked to make payment via this page to confirm your booking.  Price includes 1 hour preparation of charts.


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