Heart Wisdom Sessions

The 'Soul Art' Workshop

Join me on this Summer Solstice to celebrate letting go of Spring and stepping into the energies of Summer.  This ‘Free’ workshop is for everyone regardless of your age or artistic ability.

The Next Workshop 19/06/21








Gentle Art of Transformation

This bespoke coaching programme is designed specifically for people who want to go deeper into their personal journey of self-mastery.

This is a personalised 6 week programme.

Live Life by Design

In this life mastery session, I combine the wisdom of numerology, the phonics of your birth name with astrology to uncover your soul purpose.  This is for people seeking to know how to navigate their life from a place of clarity.

Parenting By Design

This life mastery session is specifically designed for parents.  I combine the wisdom of numerology, the phonics of your child’s birth name, with astrology to uncover their soul purpose.  The biggest gift we can give our children is our support, understanding, space and permission to be who they truly are, so they can blossom and thrive.

Heart Healing

This is a healing session specifically designed for people struggling with unresolved grief, loss and trauma.  Using a quantum healing technique and creative visulisation, this session is a powerful catalyst for deep and lasting change.


This session is a ‘back to basics’ approach to creating healthier foundations in your life.   Using a combination of Nutritional Therapy, Ayurveda and Herbalism you will be taught simple skills to improve your health and wellbeing.  As well as breaking through any limiting beliefs you hold around nutrition and implementing positive change.

Spiritual Guidance

This session has been created to support you to access your higher guidance and intuition.  It is called upon during those times when you are doubting our own guidance and seeking clarity and validation for those next steps in life.  The most powerful healer is within you, and this session aims to connect you back to that wisdom.

Change Your Beliefs

What we believe shapes our lives, and when we have negative beliefs about ourselves this serves to limit our growth, vitality and ability to succeed.

In this session, you will learn how to transform your limiting beliefs, shift your perspective and change your life.

Your Environment

Our environment influences our health and wellness.  There are simple changes we can make to create a more harmonious space that fully supports us.

Using a combination of Feng Shui and modern space clearing principles I assess your environment and implement simple solutions.

Get your FREE Access to my Monthly 'New Moon Meditation & Wisdom' group

Each month I offer a FREE to join 'New Moon Meditation & Wisdom' group via Zoom. I bring you the latest healing energies required for you to TRANSFORM, BLOSSOM & THRIVE. Everyone is WELCOMED, Everyone is RESPECTED and Everyone is VALUED.

Get your FREE Access to my Monthly 'New Moon Meditation & Wisdom' group

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