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Positive Change Podcast

How do we create positive change in our lives?

We start by sharing stories and strategies.  The Positive Change podcast is where you will find inspirational people sharing their stories, wellness tools and mindset strategies to help empower you to create transformation in your life.  It’s time to replace stress, anxiety and fear with hope, peace and clarity.

About Liza

Liza K Collins, MA is a Wellness Champion, Mentor and Anti-Bullying Advocate. She is a credentialed Change Management Consultant with 30 years experience working in mainstream healthcare and 25 years studying holistic health and wellness. She is a passionate advocate for creating social change around health and wellness in all areas of life, but particularly at work. Liza shares the best of what she is living and learning from a place of knowledge and lived experience.

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Get your FREE Access to my Monthly 'New Moon Meditation & Wisdom' group

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